Our Son Emanuel born on 22.9.2012

Our Son Emanuel born on 22.9.2012

Monday, 28 January 2013

Boredom and relaxation = creativity.

Here are a few of my art works and what I had time to do today ... paint my toenails! 

We have gone from scorching heat to major rain and floods here lately so it has either been too hot to go outside for long or too wet. Today we have rain wet wet rain.  This made me recall a time a few years ago when I was living by myself in a gorgeous little house on a hill in South West WA.  I had looot''s of time to myself.  It also rained aloooot. It was a very creative time but also full of solitude and boredom.  I wrote lot's of poetry and painted ... took photos, drew and dreamed.

Painting is something that I adore but find really difficult at the same time.  It's a challenge and a delight.  For the last two years in a row,  I've done a week long painting course in February at the National Art School and really enjoyed being immersed in splodging, brushing and mixing paint, getting lost in the focus of painting an object or from life.

Being a new Mum this year means that I won't get to do that week long course which seems like such an indulgence now but I want, every chance moment I get to be creative and take care of myself whether it be to cook something new, go to a book shop, sit at a cafe, do a quick drawing or take some photographs and I will make a record of those things here.

Now all I have to do is catch those moments between boredom and relaxation!

What do you do to keep creative?  Have you become more or less creative since becoming a Mum?  How do you stay sane and maintain space and time for some of your own interests?  What do you do on rainy/hot days when you can't go outside?

Hope you had a lovely weekend out there.

Liz xox

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