Our Son Emanuel born on 22.9.2012

Our Son Emanuel born on 22.9.2012

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Hot hot weather

 There have been some really hot days recently.  Little Manu with his rolly - poly rapidly growing body gets very hot easily and we have mostly been staying indoors apart from early or evening walks.

Ed came home from work and I suggested we give Manu a cool bath outside in the evening light.  After the initial surprise of the cool water, he loved it.  We only put in enough water so that he could lay down himself and splash about.

It's such a pleasure to watch Ed and Manu interacting.  Father and Son getting to know each other.  It is different to the way that I care for Manu.  Ed is boisterous, and loud whereas I tend to be softer.

On these hot Summer days, it is so lush in the evenings and we don't want to eat heavy things.  I made a delicious smoothie with grapes, blueberries, banana and soy milk.  Try making your own!  Also ice-cream with mango is a big hit!!