Our Son Emanuel born on 22.9.2012

Our Son Emanuel born on 22.9.2012

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Hot hot weather

 There have been some really hot days recently.  Little Manu with his rolly - poly rapidly growing body gets very hot easily and we have mostly been staying indoors apart from early or evening walks.

Ed came home from work and I suggested we give Manu a cool bath outside in the evening light.  After the initial surprise of the cool water, he loved it.  We only put in enough water so that he could lay down himself and splash about.

It's such a pleasure to watch Ed and Manu interacting.  Father and Son getting to know each other.  It is different to the way that I care for Manu.  Ed is boisterous, and loud whereas I tend to be softer.

On these hot Summer days, it is so lush in the evenings and we don't want to eat heavy things.  I made a delicious smoothie with grapes, blueberries, banana and soy milk.  Try making your own!  Also ice-cream with mango is a big hit!!


Sunday, 25 November 2012

Little family

Sometimes family can be a pain in the butt, but past that remains always love!

I now have my own little family.  Edward is my partner, lover, friend.  Emanuel is my gorgeous (9wk and 2 day old) son.  This time last year, I could never have predicted that I would have these two blessings in my life.  Yes, things have happened very fast ... I became pregnant only a few months after meeting Edward, but it just feels so right.

Of course we have our squabbles.  I'm apparently a nag sometimes and he leaves the lid off the sugar, dirty clothes strewn all over the floor, doesn't replace the toilet roll when it's finished etc etc grrrrrrrrrr.

But I love him.  He makes me laugh, is affectionate and out-going.  I love my little family. *xx*

Wednesday, 21 November 2012


When it finally happens at about 6-8 weeks, smiles make all the late night feeds and sleepless nights worth it.  Seriously my heart glows with joy when I see Manu gazing up at me with his toothless grin and sparkly eyes.  He is most smiley in the morning when Eddie is playing with him in bed or just before he latches on to my boob.  Soooo adorable!  Can't wait for the giggles.

Liz *xx*

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Baby Wearing: but for how long?!

This is me carrying Manu in my awesome Bubba Moe baby sling.  As you can see, I'm teaching him how to pick is nose young :P

Wearing Manu means that he is connected to me, but also connected to the world around as I interact with it.  He gets to hear my voice and other peoples and when he wants to, he can open his eyes and peep out at what is going on but from the safety of his little cocoon.  I want to include him in what I'm doing with respect.

I know that in only a short while,  I won't be able to carry him like this and it is my hope that from this safe base, he will feel sure enough to explore for himself.

Were you carried a lot as a child?  Were you put in a pram and wheeled around?  What helps a child become a brave young person?

Liz *xx*

Friday, 16 November 2012

Cool Fruit

I just loooove strawberries.  They make me happy, seriously.  I like mine sliced on top of fresh roasted muesli or with ice-cream.

Put mango in your salad!  This one has freshly toasted almonds and sesame seeds on top.

We are coming into Summer now here in Sydney and the weather is warming up.  It is a time of mangoes, lychees and cherries.  YuM!  I used to eat bags of lychees with Dad.  We would sit there and see who could peel them without breaking the delicate white skin.

Friday, 2 November 2012


I am here for you Manu, even when you are asleep, I am here.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

The mulberry tree.

For as long as I can remember, our big beautiful mulberry tree has been feeding the neighborhood.  I love to watch it change through the seasons.  As Spring progresses and the days warm, the berries swell and turn from green to red to deep dark purple.  It's a pleasure to wander down the garden and reach up to pick and eat the sweet ripe berries.

People from the hood stop to taste as they go past.  Kids trample the garden trying to reach the biggest, fattest, juiciest berries much to the irritation of my Mum.

The other day as Mum, Manu and I wandered back from a walk to the park, we found a man fiilling a big bag and Mum told him off ... "Leave some for other people please!"  He smiled and sauntered off guiltily.

When I was a child, we made delicious ice-blocks from the juice.  It's great fun and very messy squishing the berries through a sieve and pouring them into ice-block molds.  It would work with lots of different berries and fruits. Yum!




Saturday, 22 September 2012

Manu, you are loved.

It is the most amazing experience to hold your baby in your arms.  Such a tiny scrumptious soft being.  For me, it has been an incredible journey.

Friday, 13 April 2012

What we are creating.

Inside me grows a child. An amazing feeling and my heart is filled with happiness.

Edward and I didn't plan this but this pregnancy is very much wanted and in a way it just seems meant to be.

The urge to have a child and become a Mother has been so strong in me for several years now.