Our Son Emanuel born on 22.9.2012

Our Son Emanuel born on 22.9.2012

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Baby Wearing: but for how long?!

This is me carrying Manu in my awesome Bubba Moe baby sling.  As you can see, I'm teaching him how to pick is nose young :P

Wearing Manu means that he is connected to me, but also connected to the world around as I interact with it.  He gets to hear my voice and other peoples and when he wants to, he can open his eyes and peep out at what is going on but from the safety of his little cocoon.  I want to include him in what I'm doing with respect.

I know that in only a short while,  I won't be able to carry him like this and it is my hope that from this safe base, he will feel sure enough to explore for himself.

Were you carried a lot as a child?  Were you put in a pram and wheeled around?  What helps a child become a brave young person?

Liz *xx*


  1. I was definitely a pram baby. I'm not sure how much difference being worn makes, our littlest is worn and is still very reserved with people. But we use an ergo sling and are quite comfortably wearing her still at 18months old.


    1. Hi Lila,
      I'm chuffed!! You are the first person to comment on a post on my hatchling blog, so thank you.

      Manu is now 8.2kg's so sadly the sling has gone into storage as my back is feeling it. He is a big boy and I am quite small.

      Baba loves to still carry him around though African style ... it's called kikoi. I will post a photo! More baby carrying Dads I say!


  2. I'd like to get an ergo sling and carry him on my back. Perhaps that would work.